Interfering with spouse’s employment can be domestic violence

All too frequently individuals going through a divorce make emotional and knee-jerk reactions.  Such actions can lead to a range of issues and complications in the case that would otherwise not exist. In a recent trial court decisio by Ocean County Superior Court Judge Lawrence Jones it was held that interfering with the employment of the other party can be domestic violence. This case underscores the proposition that domestic violence need not be physical violence. 

At it’s core, domestic violence is committed in an attempt to control the victim through threats, intimidation or physical abuse. In the case of C.G. V. E.G the abusive spouse sent the victim text messages threatening to interfere with her job and to call her employer to try and get her fired.

This decison acknowledges that interferring with one’s ability to earn an income and provide for their own support by threatening to get them fired or otherwise negatively impact their Jon is a significant act of of coercion and  harassment which threatens to the victim at a fundamental level.

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