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Can I lose the spouse and keep the beach house?

Keep your beach house!

Identifying and prioritizing goals for our clients is one of our more important responsibilities to our clients. In picking your battles you can win the war.

A second residence can be home to many family memories and traditions. If retaining the beach (or lake, or mountain) house is important to you then it is important that your attorney understands your houses. While we cannot guarantee results, The Durst Firm has been building successful strategies for twenty years. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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The Durst Firm is on the move!

After six years in our Trenton location, The Durst Firm is relocating as of September 1, 2020. Going forward our address will be: The Durst Firm, LLC, 100 Overlook Center, 2nd Floor, Princeton, NJ 08540. Our phone number, fax number and email remain the same. The Firm’s practice will remain rooted in Mercer County and this move reflects the statewide reach as our services are requested by individuals across the state. Readily accessible on Route 1, the move allows us to continue to offer high quality legal services at competitive rates. Although we have a new location, The Durst Firm remains focused on family law.

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A quick COVID update from The Durst Firm

This week marks a significant milestone as many business begin to reopen as NJ continues to work through the COVID-19 pandemic. Like all of you, we hope that the progress continues and that remaining restrictions can be lifted in a safe and practical manner.

For the time being, the Firm will continue to operate remotely. As much as we miss seeing our clients, colleagues, and court staff in person, there is no need to assume any associated risk at this time. We have adapted our practices and processes to be able to maintain our level of service during this crisis. As we move towards a return to our “real” office, guidelines will be implemented to make in-office meetings as safe as possible. As court continue to re-open (more on that in a separate post) we will inform our clients of the rules and regulations implemented by the Court. We encourage everyone to remain responsible for their own health as well as the health of those around you.

We have found that many of the “virtual” functions such as ZOOM calls, phone conferences and the like have been incredibly convenient for our clients as there is no need to travel to and from the office. We will continue to utilize these measures when appropriate as they save time and money. The virtual court proceedings have gone well, and again, allow for a more efficient and cost-effective event. While there is no substitution for a live hearing and we cannot control whether the court will maintain some of these practices, we believe doing so would benefit all concerned.

At The Durst Firm,our clients remain our primary concern and we will continue to serve new and existing clients as safely as possible.

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NJ Family Court remains open and operating

Continuing to serve our client’s through this pandemic has been a challenge but we are proud to say that The Durst Firm has remained able to provide uninterrupted service to both existing and new clients during this time. We hope anyone reading this remains safe and healthy.

We have provided continuing updates to our current clients as to how their case can and will move forward in this new and challenging environment.

When speaking with individuals calling to arrange a consultation, too many of the calls go something like this: “I’d really like to get my divorce started/file for child support/enforce my settlement agreement/seek to relocate out of state with my child, etc, etc, BUT..” And I know that the their next words will be “the courts are closed”

THIS IS NOT ACCURATE. Please know that while the courts are still not conducting in person appearances except in very limited circumstances they remain open and are conducting business. You can file for divorce. Motions can be filed and oral arguments continue to be conducted by phone and/or video.

If you want to move forward with your family law matter you can. And the Durst Firm is here to help. Our focus is on family law.

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