Start thinking about those summer plans

The COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on our daily lives has continued for longer than any of us imagined or expected. And while the situation seems to be improving, I don’t think we are out of the woods yet. Our children have been significantly impacted by the remote learning, the cancellation of Spring sports, and milestones such as proms and graduations. But what about their summer?

Each family has different approaches for summer. Some kids stay home. Others participate in day camps or sleep away camps. Many travel to visit family and friends during their summer break. How all of these practices may be affected remains to be seen and questions will certainly arise for parents to work through together. For example, even if a camp reopens, are you comfortable sending your child there? If you will still be working from home, how can the needs of the child still be met? if your child visits grandparents, or anyone for that matter, what safety precautions should be implemented? There are no clear cut answers to any of these questions. The best advice is to begin addressing them now.

If you have questions about summer parenting time, The Durst Firm is here to help/

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